Cervia / Milano Marittima

Aperitivi and not only

To quench your thirst for freshness! After a sunbath, a game with friends or when you just feel like it, our bars are expecting you for a pleasant moment of relaxation accompanied by delicious cocktails, thirst-quenching drinks and excellent seasonal fruit and vegetable juices, to rehydrate your body in a healthy and tasty way, in full HQ style!
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Be Positive


There are several bars

which can provide you with an Aperitivo on the beach of Fantini Club in Cervia and Milano Marittima. We offer 8 bars to choose from:
  • White Bar
  • Blue Bar
  • Green Bar
  • Beach Bar
  • Lounge Bar
  • Fruit Bar
  • Sunset Bar
  • Sea Bar
  • Garden Bar

The Orediciotto Aperitivo of the Fantini Club

After a nice day on the beach, what could be better than enjoying a good cocktail with your friends or loved ones?

The Fantini Club offers all the right ingredients for this magical moment: a glamorous atmosphere, soft relaxing sofas and skilled barmen who will surprise you with their fresh drinks. Plus all the excitement offered by live music events and DJ sets!
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Aperitivi Live at the Terrazza Fantini

In the evocative atmosphere of our terrace overlooking the sea, you can enjoy a good Aperitivo accompanied by a tasty buffet, with the musical notes of live entertainment: from jazz, pop, to rock, soul and Latin ... learn more about the program of upcoming events!
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Fruit Bar

Refresh body and mind with the natural energy of fresh fruits and vegetables! At the Fruit Bar on the beach of the Fantini Club, we expect you with orange juices, pomegranate juices, fruit salads, baskets of fresh fruit, extracts, shakes, granitas, Aperitivi.


Get off to a good start with an HQ Breakfast by the sea! Featuring only high quality ingredients: brioches, biscuits and artisanal cakes, natural yoghurt, citrus juices, smoothies, jams and marmalades, soymilk, pomegranate juices, centrifuged and extracted, almond milk, fruit salads and dried fruit.

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